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This site is intended to provide medieval graphics for use on desktops and websites. They are all at screen resolution only and not very suitable for print use. See graphics tips for further advice about using these pictures.

Why do we do this? Because we love medieval art, and find it very appropriate for the web. We promote simplicity and functionality in web design, but want to show that it doesn't need to be a boring text-only site to abide by those principles.

They are free to use for non-commercial use such as personal home pages and non-profit organisation sites, but please no using them in clip-art collections (that includes horrible pop-up infested "freeware" sites).

Every effort has been made to ensure that they are copyright free, although if you use them for commercial purposes and it turns out that they ARE copyrighted, the risk is yours..... And as for SELLING these images in graphics collections, BAD BAD BAD! "freely give what you freely receive"

Also, since we're paying for the bandwidth when you use this site, please don't use these graphics on your pages by linking to them live. Instead, save them to your hard drive and upload them to your site. We may move our pages around to prevent this, and if you DO link live off this site, you may get a nasty surprise as we will change the file to tell everyone what you're doing:

If you're wondering who's behind the site check out the about us page, and if you would like to support this site please click on an ad. You can contact us about the contents of this site although this isn't a commercial site and we may not have time to answer all emails.

The reason we insist on a link-back if you use these graphics on your site is that this site gets a huge amount of traffic, and the only contribution it makes to covering the bandwidth it uses is when people buy from Amazon links on this site.

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